Counseling Services

Front office hours: Monday-Friday 

              9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Therapist's hours by appointment only

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Our Mission Statement

Renewal Centers delivers compassionate counseling services with

a deep commitment to providing clients with a life enriching experience.



Our Values 

Renewal Centers is…

A Christ centered agency that recognizes the influence of spirituality on healing.  At the direction of the client, their spirituality will be integrated into their counseling without judgment.

 Renewal Centers has…

Therapists that seek out specialized training and certifications and work within their defined area of expertise.  Our therapists are sensitive to the needs of the client and work diligently to ensure client fit.  If at any time a therapist feels they are reaching in their efforts to assist a client they will refer the client to a trusted therapist who can finish the race with them.

 Renewal Centers understands…

That all of us are impacted by our life experiences and cultural upbringings.  Renewal Centers strives to be be sensitive to and inclusive of these facets in therapy.

 Renewal Centers is…

A safe place for clients to explore themselves and their struggles within an open and honest manner, allowing for acceptance without judgement; sometimes for the first time in a client’s life.

 Renewal Centers believes…

In whole body healing and looks forward to collaborating with a client’s primary care physician or psychiatrist to ensure complete and unified healing.

 Renewal Centers is…

At the heart always about YOU the client.  We are simply your guides on your life’s journey and feel honored to do so.

Renewal Center therapists hours vary, including nights and weekends.  Call 520-791-9974 to schedule an appointment.  Gina or Michelle will be happy to assist you in determining the right therapist for your needs.