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Health, Hope & Healing

Our mission

Offering Health, Hope and Healing by Making a Difference, One Life at a Time

Through God’s love and blessings, we seek to provide the highest quality of mental health care, leading to health, hope and healing for all our clients, regardless of their faith orientation.

In response to God’s love and blessings, we believe that this quality of mental health care should be available to all persons in our community, regardless of their financial status.

Our vision

Impacting our Community

Renewal Centers is committed to reflecting the love of Jesus to those we serve by impacting our community through compassionate, evidence/research-based counseling services and equipping those whom we serve to fulfill their God-given purposes.

We are a partner and resource for the communities we serve, delivering Health, Hope and Healing to all persons in the metro Tucson area, not just those who have insurance or are able to pay full fee for service.  In providing this level of care, the entire community will experience rich blessings.

We actively work to engage, coordinate, and integrate with other resources including public agencies, private organizations, and faith communities to provide quality services to all persons in our community.

our core values

We hold to three core values...


A common saying is that if one has health, one has everything. Health can be described in three terms: physical, spiritual, and mental; the three are interconnected.


Renewal Centers offer hope to people with ill health. People suffering from physical, mental, or spiritual ill health may not see a good future and often cannot find a way out of their pain. People can seek help from Renewal Centers, hospitals, attorneys, clergy, churches, synagogues, or mosques to find hope that their pain and ill health are temporary.


Healing is the process of finding hope and health. At Renewal Centers it happens when one works, together with a competent trained therapist, on healing and hope leading to health. The process of healing takes time, money, conversation, and disciplined commitment, with the intended goal of improved health.


Our Counselors


Our providers are continual life learners focused on their field of expertise in order to gain the best possible outcomes towards the Health of their clients.


A well-rounded approach to client care includes collaborating with outside medical professionals to ensure appropriate treatment. Additionally, in our commitment to serve those in our community who are uninsured or underinsured, Renewal’s Scholarship Program ensures no client is turned away for services by providing reduced cost counseling services for those in need, thus providing a well-rounded approach to our client’s overall journey towards Healing and Health.